What makes a man commit and fall in love with you?

When it comes to what makes a man to commit, it is important that he feels a strong desire to be with you, and believe that his life is better with you in it.
With that said, you can not push or pressure a man to be with you. If you do, he will only walk away, men more than often prefer to be challenged and feel like they have won your heart over and above just being rushed and smothered with unwanted pressure.

As much as a man likes to be in control, they do not want to have to call the shots for you, every minute of the day, Instead of counting on him to decide on your dinner plans or weigh in on your outfit options, learn to make those decisions yourself, as men find indecisiveness unapealing and draining.

As manly as he may seem, a man still likes to be taken care of, and while it’s one thing to tell him that you appreciate him, doing something as simple as surprising him with a nice home-cooked meal or a case of his favourite beer, going the extra mile to make him smile, can and will do wonders for your relationship.

What is very important is that you keep living your own life, which can be tough in a relationship, but if you want to make you man commit to you it’s important that you have a life without him.

Any true and long lasting relationship is built upon each other respecting and allowing thier partners to be their own person, and to help and nuture them to become thier best in thier life, so having your own goals and ambitions and following them, while at the same time supporting your partners goals and dreams is going to be a key to a longterm relationship for both of you.

If you are willing to try new things, whether it’s a food or a new sex position, being open and willing to try new things with your man is important, especially when it comes to getting him to commit. Most men are adventurous at heart, keeping your relationship full of exciting and new surprises will prevent him from feeling bored or looking elsewhere for love.

When a man knows he can rely on you, he will develop a strong connection with you, in simple terms if you say you’re going to do something, he needs to know he can depend on you to follow, you need to be the one he can count on. Just as much in the same way you would like to feel that you can relay and depond on him.

Also important is that you have an open ear, and that you be the person he can talk to about anything and everything. When a man shares his hopes and dreams with you, do not just sit there nodding your head and or encourage him to chase them regardless of what he says, instead look for ways to provoke deeper thought and understanding, and show that you are listening to and understang what he is saying. Shallow responses will just turn him away in the long run, keep it real.
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